Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Self-Care isnt selfish

Self-Care isn’t selfish, because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Something I’ve learned on my journey to success is that self-care is a big factor. Taking care of your own needs in addition to running your business is essential because you want to be healthy and feel good as a business owner. 

Self-care is important for your cognitive and psychological well-being.

I have found that self-care begins with self-love and I used to have a problem with that because I made a lot of mistakes, which diminished my view of myself. 

But now I know that I shouldn’t identify myself with my mistakes. That’s not who I am. So, if you are doing that—don’t. Think of mistakes as situations that are different from what you expected. When I started doing that, I was able to “love” myself more. 

Self-love is not selfishness or self-centeredness. We were taught to avoid those, but they get confused with the term “self-love”.

 Self-love is merely aligning with the Divine Love that is inside of you. If the term “self-love” is confusing, think of it as “inner bliss”. We all can feel the happiness (or bliss) that’s always present inside of us. So when you practice self-love, you are just connecting with your inner bliss. Try connecting with that regularly through meditation, or quiet contemplation and see it makes you love yourself more.

And when you love yourself more, you’ll take care of yourself better than before. Fill your cup before you pour!

Download my “27 Self-Care Actions” PDF HERE.