How to Manage your Time, Set Goals, and Be Successful! By Vicky Scrivner

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How to Manage your Time, Set Goals, and Be Successful!
By Guest Blogger Vicky Scrivner

Time Management is a useful tool for all of us in the business world. But how does time management, setting goals, and planning fit together?

Individually the three have different meanings, but collectively they take on a new perspective. Time management is keeping a calendar, being organized down to the hour, and staying focused on the tasks at hand. Goal Setting is yearly planning, deciding on specific goals, and the tasks, or actions to accomplish those goals in your business.

However, if we look at them collectively, we have a powerful tool that can support us daily, hourly, monthly, and yearly. This tool can help us move our business forward to grow our income (or sales), and create a wonderful experience for customers as they come into our business and we help them solve problems.

Do you spend the time to sit down, decide on specific goals, break them down into tactics and plan them out over the year? Your yearly planning, along with 3 to 5 simple goals can be the answer to implementing your vision to grow your business. 

The thing I like about this approach is that it is doable! It is a fundamental tool that we can each adapt to our own working style. I invite each of you to keep a calendar in your own way, electronic – on your smart phone, or manual – in a physical calendar, or both! That also makes it easy and achievable!

Think about it this way – if your 3 to 5 yearly goals are at a ten thousand foot view, then drop lower to five thousand feet, and those are your tactics (plans) to carry out the goals. Going even lower to one thousand feet you have a 30-Day Plan which are monthly goals set out to do any research, or write your advertising message that will go in an email campaign. Then going lower still, think of dropping to five hundred feet, which are your daily customer appointments, training meetings, dentist appointments, etc. Then down to hourly, where you meet your client Joe Smith for a lunch appointment, or pick-up the kid’s after school to go to Soccer practice.

Time management is very essential in any business environment. But, on a personal level, when you allow yourself the time to sit down and set goals and plug them into your calendar, you can carry out the vision you have for growing your making yourself successful.

What could be better than that?

Vicky Scrivner
Effective Business Solutions,

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