Great Resource for Life Coaches: The Coaching Tools Co.

I love to share great discoveries with colleagues and here’s one you may not know about.  It’s a website that carries coaching tools that life coaches can use for themselves and with their clients.  So instead of spending your valuable coaching time, creating templates, tools, and other materials from scratch, you have access to hundreds of ready-to-go coaching tools you can use over and over again.

What are some of the benefits of having ready-to-go tools?
For one thing, ready-to-go coaching tools help you appear professional and organized in all sorts of situations.  These tools are crafted so you can brand them with your own logo and other details.  They are all developed as MS Word documents so you can easily make changes in them to suit your needs. Having a branded tool certainly looks more professional.

Secondly, you will feel much more confident, even if you’re just starting out, by having professional-looking tools to work with as you service your clients. Impressions are important and you always s want to make a good one with clients and potential clients.

Thirdly, you can give your new clients something tangible to justify their investment.  Their best seller is the Welcome Value Pack with all sorts of goodies, helpful exercises, and/or some homework to get started on, is a bonus and much appreciated by your new clients. It shows that you care and that you over-deliver.  And it’s a great way to impress them with your value right from the beginning.

The inventor of these tools is Emma-Louise Elsey, a professional life coach, and NLP practitioner.  As she grew her coaching practice, she found that having tools to use for her business and for her clients, made coaching a lot easier.  When colleagues found out about them and began asking for access to them, she decided to form a company that could make these powerful resources available to all life coaches.  Hence, The Coaching Tools Company was born.

Her company now offers high-quality, professional coaching tools, forms, exercises and tips for coaches, not to mention the free resources, including the ebook, “549 Powerful Coaching Questions.”

How you can use these tools?
Some of the tools are for helping you get your business started such as an invoice template, a welcome letter, intake session checklist, monthly client review and feedback form, and coaching agreement form.  Some of the tools are for giving your clients something tangible to work with, such as the coaching goals worksheet, life map exercise, a speedy priority finder, and the powerful pondering questions tool.

You can also use these tools in a workshop or build workshops around some of the tools, such as the Power of No workbook, the weekly success planning tool, SMART goal-setting template or packs of tools such as the Goal Setting tools pack, the Career Coaching tools pack, and the Self Discovery tools pack.  Having a set of branded handouts to work through is an efficient way to conduct a workshop and gives you more credibility.

Having coaching tools like the ones at The Coaching Tools Company, can save you a lot of time and effort, make you look organized and professional, and help your clients solve problems and figure things out for themselves.  The coaching tools and exercises make it easier to explain what coaching is and make the coaching experience tangible.

To get started sign-up for their free newsletter and receive the “549 Powerful Coaching Questions” Ebook, PLUS a $5 coupon towards any tool, (most tools are $9.95 and if you buy a package, it’s even less) at:

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