Your Holiday Sales

The holidays are upon us—are you ready for them?  I mean is your business ready? Yes, you can do a lot during the holidays in your business. You may be tempted to slack off in December because you assume most people are too busy to pay attention to any promotions or holiday sales. And besides, you’ve may be busier too in planning for the holiday season.   

But remember that people may be caught up in the holiday busyness but they’re also in a “buying” mood. So it can’t hurt to send out a special holiday offer and prep your mindset to add a few clients before the New Year.

Many coaches end their year around Thanksgiving with the thought that most people are going to be too busy between then and the end of the year with holiday preparations and travels. 

But that’s a mindset that I’d like to change. You see, I don’t believe that and I continue my marketing program right up until the last week in December. I have gotten clients in December and so can you. Now you may have to add a strategy or two to get a new client this month but why not at least try?

First of all, let’s change that mindset from “I can’t make sales/get clients in December” to “I CAN get new clients in December.” It’s been done by others. If they can do it, you can do it.

OK, now I want to give you some ideas you can try out to get some clients this month. In fact, I wrote a new ebook just for coaches who want to get clients right away. It’s called, “7 Quick Start Marketing Strategies for Getting Clients This Week.”

In it, I give you the procedures for 7 of the best ways to get a client right away. These are not new strategies, but they are tried and true—in fact, you’ve probably heard of all of them, but have you done any of them recently? Or maybe you just forgot about them. In any case, go here to download the ebook and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.