Next Masterclass: May 2-Discover Your Energy Type

My before and after

This week’s IAPLC masterclass will be “Discover Your Energy Type: To Boost Your Self-confidence and Self-esteem” by Jeannette Koczela, Thursday, May 2nd, 12-1pm EDT.  We are changing the masterclass time to Thursdays at the earlier time so all of our new Bronze members around the world can attend the classes live.

In this week’s class we will explore the fascinating field of Energy-Profiling. My experience with it literally changed my life.  It boosted my self-confidence, my self-image, and helped me be more understanding of others so I could improve my relationships.


My husband and I came to a greater understanding of why we do the things the way we do them.  That knowledge helped us go more with each other’s flow and have more patience with each other.

When this information of Energy-Profiling is applied to fashion and beauty, I found it so much easier to know what to wear, what to buy, and what look was best for me.  The result was a whole new look that I constantly get compliments on from friends and strangers alike.

When you go from being a bottle blonde to a light brunette, your friends notice. But when people who have never seen you before compliment your outfit, hairstyle, and/or make-up, you know that something is happening. In this way by discovering your true nature, you learn what makes you beautiful—both inside and out.

Join me for this masterclass where you will learn…

  • How to understand you own true nature and why you do things the way you do things
  • How to increase your rapport with others by understanding their nature
  • How understanding your type can boost your business
  • Discover how personal traits you once perceived as flaws are your greatest qualities

You must attend live because only Gold Members of the IAPLC get access to the recordings, so mark your calendar.

This masterclass is no longer available.


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