List Building Strategy: Get Higher Ranking Videos

After listening to all the excellent speakers at Vrinda Normad’s “List Building Telesummit,” I discovered a lot of valuable tips to build my list.  Here’s a great strategy from Don Crowther on how to get higher rankings on your YouTube videos.


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Make a two-minute video tip about your services and load it to YouTube.  Talk about the same tip in a blog post and post it with the YouTube link in it. Then immediately after you have posted the video and blog, send out an email to your list with the link to the blog so they will read the blog and click on the video link.

Because you’ve sent this to your list all at once, you should get a larger number of  views within the first 24 hours of posting.

This will get you higher rankings on YouTube (now the #3 most used search engine). This is because YouTube likes it when a new video gets lots of views right after it’s been posted.

Why is that?  Well, if you had to choose between a video that got 200 views in the first day or two of posting and one that had 50 views over the last 6 months, which one would you be more inclined to give a higher ranking to?  The first one, right? Now you’re thinking like YouTube!

Crowther suggests making a 2 minute tip video every week and following this procedure. And that’s one way to get higher ranking videos on YouTube. The higher the rankings the more traffic you will get to your website, which will in turn build your list.

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