Masterclass: Using Color In Your Business

As an Impressionist painter, I know how important color is in our lives and using color in your business is even more important. So I was especially excited to meet this month’s masterclass teacher, who wrote a book, “Colors for Life: A Workbook,” on how color affects you and how to use it in your workspace to enhance your business.

  • What do marketing & sales departments, prisons, and nursery schools all have in common?
  • How can using the right color in your workspace lower your heating bill?
  • How can the use of color be incorporated into your coaching techniques?

Find out how in the next IAPLC masterclass,“Improve Your Bottom Line Through the Use of Color,” Thursday, July 10 at 12pm EDT.

Join author, speaker, teacher, and success coach, Martha Soria Sears, for an informative class where you will learn how using the right colors in a business environment is easy and fun. But the best part is that you will feel amazing as you turbo charge your success through the use of color. 

Martha has developed a technique of working with color to reduce stress, accelerate healing, and increase personal success. In this informative class you will…

  • Discover how and why color evokes emotional, mental, and physical responses in all of us.
  • Find out how to improve and increase work performance using color in the work environment.
  • Learn how to increase customer satisfaction and profit margins through the use of color.

To register for the class and/or hear the replay go to: https://iaplifecoaches.org/masterclasses