The Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes – Part 2

Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes-Part2Content Marketing is a very effective form of marketing that has been around for ages, well before the internet. It involves getting to know your audience’s problems or difficulties and then providing the solution via content and products.

If you are having trouble meeting your business goals, take a look at the top 10 content marketing mistakes to learn how to fix things or avoid the making the mistakes altogether.

(See Part 1 for Content Marketing Mistakes 1-5 HERE.)


Sounding like a used car salesman

Content Marketing Mistake #6: Promoting Like a Used Car Salesman

Content marketers sometimes sound like a used car salesman. For most audiences, a “hard sell” won’t work. Persuading your audience to buy or act on your recommendations is a much better tactic to use. Your content should inform, instruct, and inspire your audience to take a certain action, based on their trust in your opinion and judgement.

To get them to take action, build trust. Then show your audience how and why your recommended action/solution has helped others and how it could benefit them too. Don’t pursue—persuade!


using poor quality content

Content Marketing Mistake #7: Using Poor Quality Content

While you know to use high quality content, there are times when you can’t or don’t take the time to edit (or create) content as you normally would. If you’ve ever published content that isn’t up to your standard, you also probably felt a little guilty about doing so.

Just because a piece of content isn’t your usual, high quality work, it’s not necessarily poor quality. It depends on how high your standards are and where you draw the “acceptable” line. What may be “acceptable” to one person may be “poor quality” to another.

To help you decide what is “acceptable” and what is not, ask yourself, “Would I pay for and use it, as-is or would I toss it in the trash, even if it was free?”

As far as guest blogging is concerned, don’t accept anything that isn’t at least equal to the content quality that is already on your site.


content Not easily skimmed

Content Marketing Mistake #8: Content Not Easily Skimmed

Online and offline readers tend to skim content, whether the content is a short article on your site or a long PDF report that has been downloaded. If you haven’t provided for the easy skimming of your content, you may lose readers and sales.

To avoid these consequences, make all of your content skim-ready. Use whitespace to help break up content. Create headings and subheadings that signify section/topic changes. Add bullet points to identify simple lists. Include relevant images to support written content.


Failing to use Compelling titles

Content Marketing Mistake #9: Failing To Create Compelling Titles

Interesting, compelling titles sell content. Many content marketers just slap on a title that has keywords and a few descriptive words. Then they move on to the next project. This is a mistake.

One of the first things that grabs a reader’s attention is the title of the content. If the title is carefully crafted, it can induce the reader to take a closer look, read more about it, and buy. If the title doesn’t make the reader want to know more, it hasn’t done its job.

To keep this from happening, the title should intrigue, state an attainable promise, express a specific need, or state a fact that resonates with the reader. Make your content titles work harder and sell more content for you.


Not outsourcinng

Content Marketing Mistake #10: Trying to Do Everything Yourself

You have exceptional skills and talents but you also have your limitations. You can’t do it all and you shouldn’t even try. Trying to do everything in your business only leads to a huge amount of stress being added to your plate. That makes things even more difficult.

When your business is still in the beginning stage, it’s possible to perform many tasks without the help of someone else. However, learning complex skills that you will only use once or twice is a waste of your time. Web design and things that require highly specialized skills are good examples.

You need to enlist the help and expertise of others. Use your skills and talents to operate your business. You are the only person who can make “owner” decisions and plans. Learn to delegate. Start building your team now and let an experienced professional do all the rest.  

These top-10 content marketing mistakes are quite common. If you’ve already made a few of them yourself, you’re in good company. Just be sure you fix the mistakes and don’t repeat them. On the off chance that you haven’t had any of these uh-oh moments, you now know what to watch for and you can avoid them all together.

Download the PDF of the 10 mistakes HERE.

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