Tag: Mindset

Oct 25

Video Tip on Procrastination

Here’s a new video tip with a different take on the subject of procrastination. Listen to how Robert Allen shows us how to use procrastination as a success strategy.  

Aug 28

Video Tip: Do You Have Mindworm?

In this video tip, I explain what a mindworm is and how to eliminate it.  

Feb 09

Guest Post: Self-Directed Success

By Randy Tudor Okay, let’s imagine you feel you don’t know much at all about financial matters, especially when it comes to self-directed investments and knowing what type of financial instruments you should utilize. What if I told you that it is possible for you to take control of your own finances, and as a result …

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Jul 30

Guest Post: “Stress-Think Differently to Feel Differently”

By Janaé Dresser Have you ever noticed how some people can sail through stressful situations without any apparent hitch when others tend to disintegrate into a pile of nerves at the slightest indication of stress (think Don Knotts in the Andy Griffith show)? Then there are the bungee jumping adventure seekers who relish and welcome the …

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