List Building Strategy: How to get more opt-ins

Recently, I listened to over 10 speakers in a list-building telesummit and I want to share some tips on how to build your list more effectively. Here’s the first one.

First of all, why do you want to build your list?

You want to build a list so you have an audience—people to build a relationship with so they will want to hear from you and want what you have to offer. By having a way for you to give them a free taste of your service, you can attract your ideal clients.

Your gift will be unique to you and they will give you their email address in exchange for it. They are also saying yes to receiving more from you, including your marketing messages.

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to reach people in large numbers. So, you may want to implement some email marketing tools as well as other email-based strategies to get this going on your end.

To quote one of the speakers, “You can make a million dollars for every 10,000 people on your list, if you know what you’re doing.”

You start this process by having an optin page. The wording you put on that page will attract the kind of clients you desire. Your compelling message converts these people to your list. And it also determines the responsiveness of your list. You only want subscribers who love hearing from you and then it’s your job to nurture that relationship.

Your opt-in is an on-going list builder, but you need to always be doing activities that also drive new people to your site. There are daily activities, weekly activities, monthly activities, and quarterly activities.

Here is one strategy for building your list from Don Crowther that you can do every 3 months. I call it the “Quarterly Incentive Campaign.”

Here are the steps:

  1. Every quarter, create a new incentive for people to subscribe to your list. It can be in addition to, or in place of your regular incentive/gift.
  2. Create scarcity by offering it for only one week.
  3. Your campaign can be a 3-part email series. Each email should use a different media form, since people respond to different types of learning and motivation. For example:

1st email: short writing on a fact from your incentive

2nd email: info-graphic from the theme of your incentive

3rd email: video tip from your incentive

These emails are structured in language that will entice visitors to your site to become subscribers.

When you vary your approach toward marketing your incentive for joining your list, you will create new interest on a regular basis. That’s a strategy for building your list and keeping it fresh and full of new subscribers. Try it out and see for yourself how it can create a wave of new interest and subscribers.

Leave me a comment on how it worked for you. I’ll be giving you more strategies for building your list in future blogs.


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