Masterclass: Going Green: Recycling Your Content for a Better World

Are you spending most of your time coaching or do you just wish you were? The only way to make that happen is to automate systems so that your marketing is going on 24/7 without much time being spent on it by you.

The coaches that are the most successful are the ones that have super systems in place. And one system you can put into place is with social media. Social media has become a staple in all of our lives, and those who are running businesses, big or small, are able to use these in a positive business-minded way to gain more traffic and followers, some will even see how they can buy Tiktok likes as well as Facebook followers, Instagram views, etc. to help them become visible online.

One of the newest social media sites can be used to automate most of your social media tasks, and that’s Pinterest, boasting more than 28 million visitors each month.

Did you know that more money is being made through Pinterest than through Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn combined?
Are you using Pinterest in your social media platform?
Would you like to learn how to use it to automate your social media?

You can integrate Pinterest to your website, blog, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter account and expand your reach. You can allow your visitors to share visual content and get more engagement. You can even add price tags to your products and services and link them to your eCommerce portal. To ensure that your payment system is the right one for your eCommerce site, you may want to check out websites like as well as others, so you are able to offer a functioning payment system that suits your website and customers. Pinterest can be used as an effective tool for lead generation and increased traffic to your website because it is a place to expand your online presence and continue to build your brand. You can also look at expanding it onto a mobile app platform to help appeal to those who are on the move. If you do decide this you may want to look at the statistics of how this has grown and added to the eCommerce experience for businesses.

Pinterest is the newest social media site to skyrocket in usage but it’s not the only one you can use to automate your social media platform.

The next IAPLC masterclass, “Going Green: Recycling Your Content for a Better World,” is on how to use the top 3 social media sites to drive more traffic to your site and become more visible online. Deborah Jane Wells will show you how to overcome your resistance to writing and get a greater return on your investment by leveraging your content.

Also on this call you will learn
• How Deborah uses Pinterest, WordPress, and YouTube to automate her social media and save hours of time daily
• How to turn your newsletter into a content machine and PowerPoint into a video creator
• And how to leverage free and fee-based content to increase your visibility and credibility

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(More about how to use Pinterest here:

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