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How To Get Paid What You’re Worth – Part 3

How To Get Paid What You're Worth – Part 3

Thoughts can hold you back – especially the ones you repeat and the ones you’re not aware of thinking. Working on your mindset pertains to your value, and how to convey that to potential clients. In this article we’ll take a look at 3 steps you can take to improve your mindset so you can …

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Labor Day Musings

kayaking with pelican

In the US we just had a 3-day weekend that formally ends the summer season. Of course that’s for “normal” people. But for us solopreneurs, we can take a 3-day weekend any time we want! That’s the beauty of being your own boss—not for everyone, but perfect for those of us who are of that …

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Video Tip: Get the Shoes

Is everyone telling you to pass on the latte and don’t buy those $200 shoes because you need to save your money? Finances can be mindboggling but, here’s a different view…

Guest Post: How to Fall In Love With 2017

By Nicole Lewis-Keeber Here we are well into the halfway point through January. This is a hard time of year, every year. I actually wrote a blog post a year ago about the challenges that we face in January. Surprise Surprise it is very much the same! Just change the title to Is 2017 Kicking Your …

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