Get Clients Now Masterclass Duo

Judith Wentzel

If you are ready to enjoy a steady stream of new clients month after month….

If you would love to stop struggling with marketing and finally have a proven system to consistently grow your business with ease and joy…

If you would like to connect to your business in a way that can allow you to define your unique marketing message…

You need to attend “The Secret To Connecting And Growing Your Business Through Marketing Made Easy,” a two part masterclass series, August 8 and 22, rescheduled due to illness for August 22 and September 5, designed to empower you to more effectively market your business.

Judith Wentzel, a licensed GET CLIENTS NOW!™ facilitator, and IAPLC member, will be sharing with you some of the GET CLIENTS NOW!™ professional services marketing system. You will also discover a process that can allow you to truly connect to your business in a way that makes marketing your easy and far more effective.

Part 1 Aug 22:  Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts.

Some of what you will experience during the first call will be identifying where in the Universal Marketing Cycle you most need to focus your marketing efforts.  After identifying where you need to focus, Judith will share with you some of the best marketing strategies and tactics to use for more successful marketing.

Part 2 Sept 5:  Building an effective, easy to use marketing plan.

During the second call, Judith will take the mystery out of marketing for you.  You will discover the key components of a more mini marketing plan, which you can actually begin using immediately after the call.

You can grow your business with ease and joy when you have the proper tools to do the job and know how to use them.   Attend these two powerful masterclasses where you can discover tools, strategies and techniques that can allow you to easily grow your business month after month.

Discover a unique approach to marketing along with a system that can allow you to more successfully grow your business and increase sales.

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