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Jul 06

Guest Post: Start Your Own Online Business in Less Than 30 Days

By Davida Shensky It doesn’t matter what business you’re in you need an online presence.  You can build your own online business on any product or service you provide, or you can become an affiliate what a company in an area or field you have an interest in. STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS Before you start …

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Jul 21

Guest Post: Building Your Visibility and Authority

“Building Your Visibility and Authority in three simple steps” by Guest Blogger, Annemarie Cross (Note from Jeannette Koczela: I found this article to be so valuable that I wanted to use it as a guest post.) Building visibility so you become a well respected and trusted authority in your field is something every ambitious entrepreneur should be …

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Dec 23

What’s Your Number One Priority?

Let’s face it, most solopreneurs put marketing on the back burner, something they get to only when they’ve put out all the fires first. Of course, it’s really important to do all the urgent things in your business, however, you’ve got to realize that if you don’t make the time for your marketing activities, you’re …

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Sep 23

Review of “Power Up For Profits”

I have found that there very few really good books on online marketing.  So I was eager to get my copy of Kathleen Gage’s “Power Up For Profits” because I knew it would be one of the good ones.  Why? Because I’ve been following her for years and she always gives high-value content.  Her book …

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Aug 05

Get Clients Now Masterclass Duo

If you are ready to enjoy a steady stream of new clients month after month…. If you would love to stop struggling with marketing and finally have a proven system to consistently grow your business with ease and joy… If you would like to connect to your business in a way that can allow you to define your unique …

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May 13

Marketing-Do It Your Way Masterclass

There is one thing that every business owner needs but the majority of business owners don’t have.  If you don’t have it, your business success will be severely limited at best and not possible at worst. And yet so many business owners have little knowledge of how to acquire this item.  What is it? It’s …

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Feb 13

NYC 2013 Planning Workshop

Last week I attended a live 2013 planning workshop with coach Heather Dominick and Sheri Mortko in Manhattan of New York City.  We started by talking about marketing consistently and then how to plan that marketing.  By planning out your marketing activities, you make it easier to market consistently because you just follow the plan. …

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Nov 28

Do you have a marketing plan in place for 2013?

Do you have a marketing plan in place for 2013?  Do you know what forms of marketing you will be activating next year? Have you scheduled your launches and joint venture promotions?  Have you lined up the topics for your teleclasses, blog posts, and newsletters?  Have you set firm income goals for 2013? Well, if …

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