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Jul 14

Video Tip: Do You Have a Fear of Success?

Everyone fears failure but what about the fear of success? Listen to this tip to find out if you have it, and how to overcome it.  

Jun 03

Video Tip Lesson from Mars

Here’s a business lesson I learned from the probe “Curiousity” that landed on Mars in 2012.  What do you think about this?   Watch Nasa’s “7 Minutes of Terror” here. 

Mar 10

IAPLC telesummit Starts March 15

Are you ready to break through to your next level of influence, impact and income, but have no idea how?  Get ready to discover how life coaching has dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of people just like you, in a FREE telesummit, “How Life Coaching Changes Lives,” sponsored by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™. …

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Feb 17

Video Tip: Believe in Yourself

This week’s video tip is about believing in yourself.  Sometimes when things aren’t going well, we tend to focus on the negative and stop believing in ourselves. This video gives you 3 tips for overcoming that state so that you can always believe in yourself.    

Jan 12

Next Masterclass-Brain Body Balance

Have you ever wondered why your efforts to find answers about how to make positive change bring great results for a while but not lasting results? Have you found that your efforts to find out what works actually created more stress and overwhelm? Did you know your “BS Disorder” blocks your efforts? Everyone has it, but few …

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Nov 18

How to Banish Self-Doubt

Why do so many people doubt their own ability to be successful? Are you harboring feelings of self-doubt? In this video we take a look look at 5 ways that you can banish self-doubt.    

Oct 20

Video: Lessons from a Balloon Ride

I made a breakthrough in my positive attitude when I went for my first hot air balloon ride. After the ride, I found that I had learned four valuable lessons while up in the air that expanded my personal growth. I’d like to share the story of that experience as well as the 4 lessons learned from …

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Oct 06

Next IAPLC Masterclass 10/9 – Retrain Your Brain

Our next IAPLC masterclass, will be this Thursday, October 9, at 12pm Eastern Time.  Dr. Simone Ravicz will be giving a class on, “Retrain Your Brain to Optimize Your Life,” (based on the International Bestseller,  “Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself”).   Dr. Simone Ravicz is a certified business and life coach, …

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Sep 22

Create Rules for Your Life by Guest Blogger Nidhi Sharma

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are always right”.  Having rules that govern our life, behavior, and choices are as liberating as can be confining and restrictive.But there’s a profound freedom that comes from living by a set of rules that we have chosen for ourselves. This …

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Aug 25

The More You Tolerate the Less You Make by Guest Blogger Marty Ward

“The More You Tolerate the Less You Make”by Guest Blogger Marty Ward Are You Settling or Taking a Stand? Procrastination shows up in subtle ways in our lives.  Because procrastination is really about resisting allowing ourselves to have pleasure, to really living our life fully, we end up tolerating behaviors that put a burden on …

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