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Is this an important question for you?

I recently did a survey asking coaches what was the most pressing question they needed answered. Here’s one response: “How do I define a really narrow niche AND a super-compelling need so people ignore all the rest and sign up with ME?” Many coaches need help with this and it may be a question you …

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What is Your Role as a Coach?

Tip #2: As a life coach there are many roles you could be playing.  Determining what your role as a coach is, will affect who you decide to market to.  Find out why in this video.   To view tip #1, go to https://iaplifecoaches.org/is-it-time-for-a-reassessment/

Is It Time For a Reassessment?

Tip #1: Today’s video tip is about YOU, and what you need to know about yourself in order to target your ideal clients.  

New video, New Program

I have created a new program to help you get clear on what should be one of the most basic and central questions of coaching. When you discover the answer to that question, you will see a consistent flow of income, your marketing will feel effortless and easy, and soon, you’ll have a waiting list …

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Surveys and polls can increase your sales

All marketing depends on knowing everything you can know about your target market.  You can serve them if you don’t know what they need. A large percentage of companies that fail do so because they didn’t do enough market research before they rolled out a new product.   Surveys and polls are an effective way to …

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