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Masterclass: Going Green: Recycling Your Content for a Better World

Are you spending most of your time coaching or do you just wish you were? The only way to make that happen is to automate systems so that your marketing is going on 24/7 without much time being spent on it by you. The coaches that are the most successful are the ones that have …

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Masterclass: “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand”

Would you like to attract more of your ideal clients? Are you confused about your brand? How can you create a rich and compelling brand? IAPLC presents Masterclass, “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand and Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients” by Kimberley Lovell, April 3rd, 2013, 4pm EST. Attend the Class Live! Join …

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Attend the Live-Only IAPLC Masterclass, “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More”

Do you wish you could write like a pro? Does your e-marketing stand out from the crowd? Is the real you coming through in your marketing copy? Learn how to write more authentic copy in the next live-only IAPLC masterclass: “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More,” by Debra Gilroy. March 20th, 2013, 4pm EST.  …

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