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Places You’re Using Copywriting

Seven Surprising Places You’re Using Copywriting (And You Probably Don’t Realize It) When you hear the word “copywriting” do you immediately think of long sales pages, squeeze pages, and unwanted bulk mail? You’re not alone in that thinking, but the fact is, copywriting is more than just sales messages. In fact, as an online business …

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Attend the Live-Only IAPLC Masterclass, “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More”

Do you wish you could write like a pro? Does your e-marketing stand out from the crowd? Is the real you coming through in your marketing copy? Learn how to write more authentic copy in the next live-only IAPLC masterclass: “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More,” by Debra Gilroy. March 20th, 2013, 4pm EST.  …

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