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Video Tip: LinkedIn Leads

Learn how you can use LinkedIn to get ongoing leads every week.   Have you tried this feature on LinkedIn?  If so, how did it work for you?  Leave a comment below.  Please Note: We only accept guest posts from IAPLC members.

Video Tip: LinkedIn Connections

Are you connecting with prospects on LinkedIn? Here are some tips for connecting with them so they are more likely to turn into clients. What are your biggest challenges with connecting on LinkedIn?  Post in the comments below.

Video Tip: Why LinkedIn?

Are you still looking for where your ideal clients hang out? I know where they are and I’d like to help you find them. Watch this video to find out.  

Video Tip: LinkedIn New Rules

All the social media sites make changes in their rules and you need to know what they are so you don’t violate them, and get kicked out. Here are the two new changes in rules for LinkedIn.

Video Tip: Repurpose Your Content with Pulse

If you are already writing blog posts and/or articles, here’s another place you can also post that content that will boost your page ranking and repurpose your content.  

Guest Post: How to Use LinkedIn for Business

“How to Use LinkedIn for Business: 6 Fast, Easy Ways to Attract a Flood of New Clients!” By Guest Blogger, Yoon Cannon If you’re struggling to attract more clients it’s time to consider new ways to market yourself. LinkedIn is one of my favorite “new” marketing strategies. Although LinkedIn first launched in 2003, for many …

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Entrepreneurs Need to Network

Job security is changing. “Safe” jobs with a guaranteed pension are a thing of the past. Owning a business is much more secure than a job, provided you know how to operate one successfully. Reid Hoffman, Co-founder/CEO of LinkedIn, says that you should think of yourself as a permanent start-up company, or as he calls …

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Are you really an entrepreneur?

When people ask you what you do, you tell them you are a life coach. I’m proud of my job and I spent years learning how to be a great life coach. I did some NLP certification training and I’ve got many years of experience working with real clients too. But unless you are a …

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