Tag: Motivation

Aug 26

Guest Blogger Eleni Sarantinou: Listen for a day

Listen for a Day by Guest Blogger Eleni Sarantinou When we are young, we hear the word ‘Listen’ more times than we like. We need to listen to our parents and teachers and it is also vital for our safety and learning about the world that we listen and do as we are told. Then, …

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Jun 10

Laughter is the Best Medicine

One of my favorite childhood books was the Mary Poppins episode where she took Jane and Michael to visit her Uncle who laughed so hard that he floated up to the ceiling and they did with him.  I thought that was so cool!  Then when the movie “Mary Poppins” came out I was delighted to …

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Mar 04

Organizing Is Not An Event by Sharon Ball

Guest Post By Sharon Ball “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” (Source Unknown) Organization goes hand in hand with time management. Just recently, I read about a study that found the average person wastes about 12 days a year just looking for misplaced items. Fast Company states that corporate executives waste six …

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Jan 28

Heart’s Desire Goals Can Be Realistic Too

Goal-setting seems to be a hot topic right now, especially at the beginning of the year. Recently I posted a blog about choosing heart’s desires goals versus realistic goals and received over 100 responses on LinkedIn regarding that subject. The main consensus was that they need to be a little of both.  When you are …

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Dec 23

Should Goals Be Realistic Or Your Heart’s Desire?

The New Year is coming up and we’re supposed to be setting goals…30-day goals; 90-day goals; one-year goals.  But as I ponder what I want to write down for my goals some questions arise that I can’t answer. For instance, do I write down what I really want, or what I think is realistic?  By …

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