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Video Tip: Recession Proof Your Business #5

There are many strategies that you can implement to recession-proof your business and achieve long-term success.  By implementing these strategies and adapting to changes in the industry,  a life coach can build a successful and sustainable coaching practice that provides value to clients and helps them achieve their goals. In this video tip, we’ll explore …

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Profitable Low Content Products

low content products

How to Unlock New Revenue Streams with Minimal Development Effort It’s no secret that product creation takes a great deal of time. For many business owners and entrepreneurs, this can be a major drain on resources. “Low content” products are a way to provide high-value solutions to your target audience without spending hours developing complex …

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A Guide to Writing Attention-Getting and Result-Oriented Emails

Writing attention-getting and results-oriented emails

So You Can Build Relationships With Your Subscribers Marketers will tell you that “the money is in the list” and they’re not joking. It’s true.  In fact, according to McKinsey & Company, email marketing is almost 40 times better at new customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. The Direct Marketing Association reports that marketing …

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7 Steps to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

7 Steps to Create Your ICP

It can be challenging to identify your ideal customer.  It takes work, research, and patience. Some business owners are hesitant to even start.  Their concern is that it may not be wise to limit their audience: Isn’t it just a “numbers game”, and therefore better to target everybody and see who bites? Unfortunately, unless you …

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7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 3

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week – Part 3

This is the last of a series on tips for getting new clients and building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly,. (See Part 1 HERE.  See Part 2 HERE.) 1) Offer [XX] Free Coaching Sessions to Group Members Do you belong to forums or groups? Chances …

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7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 1

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This Week

Just as every client is different and every coach is different, so too are the various lead attraction methods that coaches can choose to use to get new clients.  Some will work for certain coaches; some will not. Here are proven suggestions, all focused on building a solid networking and visibility base so you are …

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Use Content Upgrades To Grow Your List Faster – Part 1

Using content upgrades-part 1

Introduction What if you could up your email list subscription rate just by using a little bit of extra content? Well, you can. The answer is content upgrades. Content upgrades are a simple way to increase your email list growth in a more targeted way. In this article, you’ll learn what content upgrades are, why …

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Setting and Meeting Expectations

Setting expectations

Here are some things you can do with your email marketing to create a little buzz and get subscribers looking for your emails.

Video Tip-Are You Unwilling to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Are you unwilling to stand out from the crowd? Would you rather stay behind your computer? Well there are ways to interact with people that aren’t intimidating and can be  fun. This video presents five marketing ideas that can transform your business into one of relationship-building with your audience.

Video Tip: What to focus on

Do you know what to focus on today? Find out how to know what to focus on in this video. Then download “How to Know What to Focus on to Get More Clients This Week” here: https://iaplifecoaches.org/focus