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Spread Your Name Recognition

Spread Your Name Recognition with Boosted Posts on Facebook While you’re putting in the time to spread your name recognition to grow your network on Facebook, there’s one more avenue you can use to reach a larger audience: boost your posts. Quite simply, this is a form of advertising which costs money but it’s a …

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10 Low Budget Marketing Tactics


Use These to Get More Leads Did you know that you can do marketing like the pros without breaking the bank? By leveraging some effective low-cost digital marketing tactics, any business no matter how small can spread brand awareness, generate leads, and make more sales. You don’t need a big marketing budget to have a …

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3 Social Media Strategies

Here are 3 social media strategies you can use right now to get your message out there and find prospects that need your help.

Get More Clients: Tip #5

Here’s the last video tip on how to get more coaching clients.   Download the Playsheet HERE.

Get More Clients: Tip #4

Here’s another tip for getting more coaching clients.     Download the “playsheet” for this tip HERE.  

Video Tip: PowerPoint for Webinars

We know that webinars are a proven way to spread your message, build your list, and get new clients. Here’s a video tip on how you can use PowerPoint slides to create webinars.  

What Problems Do You Solve?

Here is the third video tip about how to clarify your target market.  Stop going by demographics and use this to define your target and niche.  What problems do you solve for your clients? Let me know in the comments below. Missed the first two tips?  Here’s the links: #1: Is it Time for a …

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Saying Goodbye to Clients

How do you say goodbye to your clients? When they have finished your program, do you give them a send-off-maybe a gift? Do you ask for referrals?  My last program with a coach was a wonderful learning experience that hugely benefitted me and made me feel very grateful for all the help. But then came …

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Masterclass: How to Attract High Paying VIP Clients

Are you fed up with clients who don’t appreciate what you do and want to pay virtually nothing for your services? Do you want to play a much bigger game and attract those clients who appreciate you and are delighted to pay you what you’re worth? And most importantly where do you find those clients …

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Video: Do Your Have a Client-Attracting Website?

Have you built a website and are wondering why it’s not attracting clients like you thought it would? Getting clients from your website is an important part of your business. If it isn’t performing well enough, you may not have a client-attracting website. You need to analyze why it isn’t and take steps to make …

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