Archeology and American Stonehenge

American StonehengeI could talk about business and marketing all day long, but I do have a few other passions. So today I thought I’d give you a break from business and share one of my secret passions with you—archeology.

In college I got to take a course in Greek archeology and became fascinated with the topic. After college I went to Europe for 3 months and was able to visit several of the sites in Greece that I had studied and written papers on. And archeology has interested me ever since.

Recently I came across a book “America BC” by Barry Fell, a linguist who discovered that certain markings on stones in New England looked just like markings in Ireland and Iberian peninsula that was an alphabet used by the Celts around 1000 BCE (the new BC). He also found structure which modern archeologists thought were root cellars made by the colonists, but they were oriented to the solstices and equinoxes (not something the colonists would do).

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How to Make a Monthly Reset Routine and Why You Need One

How to make a monthly reset routine and why you need oneMonthly resets are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to take a look back at the past month, look at your successes, and reflect on what you want to work on for the next month in both your business and personal life.

Combined with weekly resets every Monday (or whenever your workweek begins), you can start having a more productive business, and a more balanced life.

What is a Monthly Reset?

Resets are a powerful and effective way to reflect on your life, make plans, and set goals. It is also a great time to schedule appointments, do some self-care, and clean and organize your home and/or workspace before a new month begins.

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Content Creator’s Bonanza

about content creationThe thing to know about content creation and content marketing is that you probably already have plenty of content to share with your audience—past blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, and even past emails.

So, when you’re staring at that blank page, trying to come up with completely new content…stop. It’s better to spend some time organizing the content you already have, so you can “repurpose” and use it again. 

You can start by making a list of your past content. I use an Excel spreadsheet to  record all my blog posts with the date posted, title, and the URL link. That way, I can go back over the list to see which ones I might want to use again in a different format. (For example, I could take a past video tip and turn it into a blog post, or vice versa.)

Next, you should separate the content that’s on your list into topics. You probably have several main topics that you talk about. (For example, my topics include blogging, email marketing, content creation, social media posting, and sales page copywriting.)

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7 Tips for Getting New Clients – Part 1

7 Tips for Getting New Clients This WeekJust as every client is different and every coach is different, so too are the various lead attraction methods that coaches can choose to use to get new clients.  Some will work for certain coaches; some will not.

Here are proven suggestions, all focused on building a solid networking and visibility base so you are able to get new clients quickly, whenever you need them.

1) Offer Your Services on Coaching Sites

While sites like are great for grabbing a little goal-setting coaching and accountability partnering. You can offer your services there.

And there are many other referral and directory sites on the net. Choose one suited to your particular field—and be sure to read reviews about the site before joining.

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The Virtues of Virtual Workshops

How can you fill your courses and programs in just 90 minutes? With a Virtual Workshop!

A virtual workshop is probably THE quickest (and most fun) way of generating more ideal clients than any other avenue.

And all it takes is 90 minutes of training.

The advantage of holding a virtual workshop instead of just posting on social media, buying adds or other lead generation activities, is that you get to have a personal connection and interact with your participants. It’s also a great way to go deeper on a topic and help people get a result during the workshop. Then if you have a product offer, it will be the next logical step to an ultimate goal.

Once they can see you, hear you, and feel the rapport of being in a “live” event, they will be much more likely to want to take the next step with you—i.e. your product or service that you are promoting. And it doesn’t have to be a daunting task to put a workshop together.  You probably have all the content you need to create a workshop on several topics your target audience would love to dive deeper into.

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Know Your Why:

Know your why5 Questions to Help You Discover Your ‘Why’ and Motivate You in Business and in Life

Are you experiencing progress in your career or business? Or does it feel like you’re just drifting along, moving in circles?  

Getting what you want out of life is about more than just hard work and determination. If you don’t know where you’re going or why you’re headed there, all the persistence in the world won’t help.

When we look at the big picture, we usually think about WHAT we do and HOW we do it. But if you feel like you’re adrift, there’s another important question lurking in the shadows – WHY.

You have to know your ‘why’ before you can figure out the ‘how’. A clear understanding of your ‘why’ is a major factor in your success both in life and in business.

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Six Live Streaming Marketing Tips

Marketing is just as important to your live streaming business as it is to any other business. Due to the format, it can be easy to see this business model as different. However, it is not separate, and, if you don’t plan ways to market it, you won’t be successful. The days are gone where you can expect “drive-by traffic.” You need to get your content in front of your target audience yourself, and that is only through proper marketing. 

The following are tips to help market and promote your live streams: 

1- Use E-mail Campaigns

Create a newsletter or free opt-in that your viewers will enjoy in exchange for their e-mail address. This way, you can always send them notifications when you go live or share content on your website or social media pages.

This is also a great way to form a more personal connection with your audience, as each e-mail you send can be somewhat personalized to individual viewers. 

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Why Consistency Is Key for Live Streaming

Consistency is key for all businesses, but especially for live streaming. Consistency is doing things on a repeated, predictable basis. For live streaming, consistency means creating a fixed schedule and sticking to it.

The fixed schedule should be realistic in order to achieve consistency. This means you should dive into your target audiences’ habits and determine the best time for them. 

To pick the right schedule. Find a way to compromise. For example, if you know your audience is available from 7 to 11 every morning, and you know you can’t do it that early, then adjust and start around  eight or nine in the morning instead.

You still have time to grab their attention, and if they like you, they may be able to stick around for longer or adjust more to your time frame. 

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Leverage Your Customers To Grow Your Reach

leverage existing customers to grow your reachHow to Leverage Your Customers

If you have a good product and you take care of your customers, you will quickly attract a group of people who love what you do and aren’t shy about telling others about you and your products. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to leverage your customers to grow your reach and your business.

While some customers will start to recommend you on their own, others need a little encouragement from time to time. Here are a few different things you can do via email to get your customer to help you grow your business and make more sales.

1) Ask Them To Share Your Content On Social Media

One of the easiest things to do is to invite your customers to share any content you create via social media or email. You’d be amazed to find out how many people have no idea that it’s ok to share a blog post, article, or free short report.

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How Live Streaming Can Improve Any Business

How Live Streaming Can Improve Your BusinessLive streaming is a powerful marketing tool. Studies show nearly 64% of consumers more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, and almost 80% wanting to see more social media content from their favorite brands. All of which means:

If you want to make more money, take advantage of live streaming content.

Four ways live streaming can improve your business:  

1-Allows You to Better Engage Your Audience

Engagement is vital in any business. You need to know how to interact successfully with customers to make them followers of your brand. “Going live” gives you a chance to show a unique side of yourself and create true engagement.

Going live also allows you to learn more about your audience. Not only can your viewers ask you questions, but you can (and should) ask them plenty of questions too. Getting them talking about themselves helps to make them feel special, heard, and a real part of something. So, attend to your audience. They are your business, and the main point of live streaming is to engage them.

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