Video Tip: Making 3-D covers

Learn an easy way to making 3-D covers graphics for your ebooks, templates, freebies with Canva and EcoversAuthority. This is how I make all my covers and other graphics for my trainings.


5 Tips on Shared Content Vs. Paid Offers

How to strike a balance between free and paid contentSuccessful email marketing is a balancing act between shared content vs. paid offers. You share content that shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about, and you balance that with offers for paid products that allow you to earn a living. Let’s talk about how you can find the right balance, and come up with a successful email marketing strategy.

I wish there were an easy, fail-safe formula I could share that would tell you exactly when to send free content, when to make an offer, and when to combine the two. But the truth is that there’s no such formula.

While I’ve developed some rough guidelines that work for me in my niche, they may not work for you. Plus, things change over time. You’ll use a very different system now, than you will a few years down the road. Circumstances change, readers change, and what they expect from your business also will change.

The question, then, is where do you start and what do you do to find your own balance between free content and paid offers?

Here are 5 tips balancing shared content vs. paid offers:

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The Email Equivalent of an Open Door Policy

open door policyOne question that I hear a lot is, “How can I get more engagement from my subscribers?”

You’ve heard of an “open door” policy, right? You may even have had a boss, a manager, or a teacher with that policy in place. If so, you know first-hand that this changes the culture of the workplace.

It helps you build a stronger relationship with that person, and it can create a greater amount of trust and cooperation. In other words, an open-door policy can be a very positive thing.

So, why not adapt it to your online business? At first glance, you may be wondering how this could possibly be done, but it’s actually simple via email.

Starting on day 1, and throughout your mailings, encourage readers to hit “reply” to ask you a question, share a story, contribute a tip etc. In other words, encourage subscribers to engage with you.

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Use Content Upgrades To Grow Your List Faster – Part 1

Using content upgrades-part 1Introduction

What if you could up your email list subscription rate just by using a little bit of extra content? Well, you can. The answer is content upgrades. Content upgrades are a simple way to increase your email list growth in a more targeted way.

In this article, you’ll learn what content upgrades are, why you want to use them, and more importantly, how to plan, create and present your content upgrades for maximum effect. If you follow the ideas here, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

You’ll bolster your email list building, not just by building a bigger list, but by building a more targeted list of subscribers who will answer your calls to action in greater numbers. And you’ll also have a way to add value as goodwill by offering some of your upgrades without requiring an email address.

You may be wondering whether content upgrades will work in your particular niche. The answer is a resounding YES. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. If you have an online presence and use content to market your business, this information is for you.

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Setting and Meeting Expectations

setting expectations in email marketingThe Importance of Setting and Meeting Expectations In Email Marketing


Have you ever been so excited about an email that you couldn’t wait for it to hit your inbox? That’s the kind of excitement to strive for in your own email marketing.

But while you may not be able to create that amount of interest with all your emails, there are some things you can do to create a little buzz and get subscribers looking for your emails.

Part of it, of course, is to deliver great content, and share things they are interested in. But you can go further. You can create buzz and anticipation by using foreshadowing in your emails. This just means that you tease them about what’s coming in the next email from you.

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Video Tip: How to Make Your Business More Exciting

Do you feel overwhelmed at times with your business and all the daily business tasks that need to be done?  Well part of the solution is in methods for time management and working more efficiently. But another part of it is attitude—watch this video for some tips on how to switch from feeling overwhelmed, to excited about your business.

What are you doing to make your business more exciting? 

Ten Email Audit Tips

To Run a More Profitable Campaign

10-email-audit-tipsFollow these ten tips to ensure you run effective email audits and to create more profitable email marketing campaigns:

Tip #1: Keep It Consistent

Establish a proper routine for your audits. Weekly and monthly audits are a normal baseline to follow but should be adjusted depending on your niche, goals, and marketing needs. Larger companies perform more audits, sometimes even daily. This suggests to you that you should do it too.

Consistency is also an important factor for every part of your business, not just your schedule. For example, within your content, you need to be sure the tone, colors, and layout are the same each time while also sending it to them regularly. The more consistent you are in every stage of business, the stronger the connections you build will become – at every step.

Tip #2: Get to Know your Target Audience

This should be done before you even develop any content to start with. If you don’t know your audience, how can you expect to provide them the value they need to convert them into paying customers? So always start with and lead with your buyer personas any time you start a new campaign or have a new goal.

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What to Audit in Your Email Process

what to audit - email marketingAn email marketing audit is the process of reviewing your content, infrastructure, goals, marketing process, deliverability, and performance to ensure you are on the right path to running a successful campaign.

To successfully run an email marketing audit, you must focus on auditing the following areas:  

1-Marketing Goals and Company Values

Reviewing your goals and company values is the most important part of the auditing process. This ensures the content and messages you create and send to your audience are consistent with your company values and goals. An email campaign without a clear goal might as well be an email campaign without a proper plan. If you don’t know the objectives you’re trying to obtain, you can’t organize the right set of emails with pertinent information to achieve your goals. 

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Guide to Email Marketing Audits

GUide to Email Marketing AuditsIntroduction 

Marketing using email has been shown to be the most effective and budget-friendly way to communicate to your target audience. Businesses can expect to see around forty-two dollars in return for every email marketing dollar spent. 

What’s more surprising is that, according to, email marketing produces more sales than social media marketing, with 60% of consumers reporting purchasing due to a promotional email, compared to just 12.5% from a social media ad.

But, while email marketing is powerful, you can’t expect the magic to work without proper review. So I recommend you perform routine email marketing audits

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Video Tip-Are You Unwilling to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Are you unwilling to stand out from the crowd? Would you rather stay behind your computer? Well there are ways to interact with people that aren’t intimidating and can be  fun. This video presents five marketing ideas that can transform your business into one of relationship-building with your audience.