Biz Building Blocks: Part 6

Last month we talked about giving free content to nurture your list. And you need to set that up before you try to get traffic to your site. Now we’ll discuss how to get people to subscribe to that list.

Step 8: Post Free Content

Free content to those on your list is essential, but posting on the Internet is also necessary in order to get the word out about your message and your work. Search engines are looking for content and so are the people who are your ideal prospects, and you can get both of them to notice you through posting your free content online.

This means posting blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and social media posts full of tips, resources, and advice. You should be putting out your best, high-quality content as an up-front attractor. If people find your free stuff to be incredible, they will be much more likely to buy your paid services.

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Get More Clients: Tip #2

Here’s another tip for getting more coaching clients.

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Biz Building Blocks: Part 5 – Marketing

This is Part 5 of a series Business Building Blocks from Brendon Burchard’s book, “The Millionaire Messenger.”  This article focuses on a different way of approaching marketing. 

Step 7: Campaign Your Products and Programs

Brendon Burchard likes to substitute the word “campaign” for “promotion” because “campaign” includes more value. He defines a value-added campaign as a “sequence of promotions that leads to a desired consumer behavior.” The idea is to deliver a lot of real value before you ask for the sale. And there’s no place where that practice works better than in the coaching industry.

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Video Series: How to Get More Clients #1

There are many factors when you want to get more clients, but this is the first step.

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Biz Building Blocks: Part 4-website

website on computer screen3 Things you need Your Website to Do

Continuing with Brendon Burchard’s 10-step process for creating a successful business, we come to:

Step 6: Put Up a Website

I don’t think I need to impress upon you the importance of having a website, but I would like to share some great tips about them from Brendon’s section on it. Most importantly, the website architecture must be extremely SEO friendly. I can’t stress how imperative that is.

1) Add Value
First and foremost, your website should add value. It’s not just there to sell something, and it isn’t just a fancy brochure either. It’s a golden opportunity to add value to those who visit it, not only to support them, but also to keep them coming back.

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Video Tip: A Better Business Model

Try this business model for more passive income.

Business Building Blocks: Burchard’s 10 Steps-Part 3

This article is part of a series of articles about Brendon Burchard’s 10 steps to building an “empire” from his book,  “The Millionaire Messenger.” These are very helpful to know if you are a new coach.  But if you are a seasoned coach who needs more clients, it’s helpful to revisit these steps periodically to refine your marketing. (Read about the first 4 steps in the previous newsletters.)

Continuing with Brendon Burchard’s 10-step process for creating a successful business, we come to: 

Step 5: Create a Solution

Once you know whom you can help and how you can help them with your services, you need to create a solution for them.  As a coach, you may be thinking, but I don’t need a product, I’ll just coach the client on whatever they need help with. And that’s fine if you just want to coach people. But if you want to make money coaching you need to have a product or program you can market to potential clients.
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Video Tip- Refunds

How do you deal with refunds? Here are some tips:

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Video Tip: PowerPoint for Webinars

We know that webinars are a proven way to spread your message, build your list, and get new clients. Here’s a video tip on how you can use PowerPoint slides to create webinars.


Work vs. Play

In speaking with a fellow coach recently, I was reminded of how many coaches think that marketing is too much work. This coach said that she hated to do marketing and her bank account reflected it! That is, she had run out of clients and money.

If there’s any common theme among coaches—it’s that they don’t like marketing…they just want to coach. But, when it comes to bottom lines, the reality is that you don’t make money from coaching—you only make money from marketing. So, the question becomes how can we make marketing enjoyable and even fun so we will actually do it?

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